Research Assistants

Dr. Francis Martens-Brooke

– Snapshot Lab Manager

Francis recently completed her PhD studies, which focused on the threats of wind farms on the Cape Vulture, a southern African endemic species with IUCN status of “Endangered”. She is currently the Snapshot Lab manager and her responsibilities are far and wide within the project. Primarily she is responsible for ensuring that deployed camera traps are serviced in time, camera trap images are processed via the research assistants and ensuring collaborations with external sources are fulfilled. She hopes to streamline the camera trap processing system from start to finish and assisting in turning valuable data into meaningful conservation actions.

Rebecca Ryen-Stols

– Adv. Diploma (Nature Conservation)

Rebecca recently attained her Advanced Diploma in Nature Conservation and is now working as a research assistant. She is mostly involved with processing jackal scats for a Master’s student’s project, assisting other students with fieldwork, and processing camera trap images. She is passionate about both botany and zoology, but large mammal ecology is her main field of interest. In the future she would love to study further towards an Honours degree, and then ideally conduct research on a topic relating to ecology for a Master’s degree.

Yasmin Markides

Adv. Diploma (Nature Conservation)

Yasmin has recently completed her Advance Diploma in Nature Conservation. She has a passion for zoology, with her main interest being large mammal ecology, specifically the black rhino, and focussing on carnivores like brown hyena and wild dogs. In the future, if the opportunity arises, she would like to obtain an Honours degree in Nature conservation and then further her studies conducting research on large carnivore behaviour and population dynamics for a Masters degree. 

Sinayo Lungile

– Adv. Diploma student

Sinayo has equal interest in both Botany and Zoology, and is yet to decide on which field to specialise in. Working in the Wildlife Ecology Lab will equip her with the necessary experience and guidance towards making this decision. Currently she am interested in the ecology and conservation of the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra (Zoology) and Project Management in Invasive Alien plant species control (Botany). She also tends to be captivated by Environmental Education and Community Conservation. In future, she would like to study further and obtain an Honours degree in Nature Conservation and eventually a Masters degree on either one of her fields of interest or find a way to integrate them. 

Tessa Raw

– Adv. Diploma student

Tessa is currently doing her advanced diploma in Nature Conservation. Her favourite subject is ecology and main field of interest is Zoology. She is passionate about terrestrial mammals, mostly birds, big cats, and black rhinos. Her interests are in research, land rehabilitation, and environmental education. Her future plans are to do her honours and to become an ecologist.