Degree obtained
Project title
M. Pfeiffer PhD (Zoology), University of Kwazulu-NatalEcology and conservation of the Cape Vulture in the Eastern Cape, South AfricaCompleted 2016
M. VermeulenMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUExploring feeding ecology and population growth rate responses of ungulates in southern African arid biomesCompleted (2016-2017)
C. BrookeMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUEnergy maximisation strategies of different African herbivores in a fire dominated and nutrient poor grassland ecosystemCompleted (2016-2017)
Cum Laude
F. MartensMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUThe spatial ecology and roost site selection of fledging Cape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.Completed (2016-2017)
Cum Laude
D. WintertonMSc (Nature Conservation), NMULand use and ecosystem regulation: Exploring the influence of management practise on mesopredator and herbivore interactionsCompleted (2017-2018)
J. VogelMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUPredicting reintroduction outcomes: Assessing the feasibility of reintroducing African wild dog to a small protected area.Completed (2017-2018)
Cum Laude
C. YoungMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUExamining the influence of extrinsic factors on herbivore assemblage composition and resultant nutrient feedbacks in Kruger National ParkCompleted (2017-2018)
Z. SchoemanMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUThe spatiotemporal aspects of predation on the Cape gannet Morus capensis population at Bird Island, Lambert’s Bay, Western Cape, South AfricaCompleted (2018-2019)
P. FaureMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUThe influence of anthropogenic and environmental covariates on the habitat use and density of sympatric carnivores, Limpopo Province, South AfricaCompleted (2018-2019)
C. BrookePhD (Nature Conservation), NMULarge mammalian fauna of the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain: Predicting habitat use and range distributionCompleted (2018-2020)
C. BurtMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUAn assessment of different methods for measuring mammal diversity in two Southern African arid ecosystemsCompleted (2018-2020)
A. Jansen-van VuurenMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUThe feeding ecology and habitat selection of small antelopes in the Overberg Renosterveld, Western CapeCompleted (2019-2020)
H. SwanepoelMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUThe implications of landscape scale habitat fragmentation and ecological corridors on the spatial ecology of five specialist browser species in a lowland Fynbos and Renosterveld ecosystem.Completed (2019-2020)
T. HoniballMSc (Nature Conservation), NMUEstimating the population size of three large carnivore species and the diet of six large carnivore species, in Madikwe Game ReserveCompleted (2019-2020)  
F. Martens-BrookePhD (Nature Conservation), NMUCape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres) and the threat of wind farms: a race to extinction.Completed (2018-2021)